​Son of the Mob

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Vince Luca is different from the other kids because his father is the head of a big criminal organization. He has many advantages in his favor like when he gets bad grades, his teachers will change it for him. But Vince thinks that it is bad for his future. The big problems are if he ever will expected to carry on his father's business and how will he explain to a girl what his father does for a living. The climax of the story is when Vince finally thinks he has found a perfected girl but the girl's dad is a FBI agent who is trying to put Vince's father in jail. The story shows how Vince struggle and how he tries to get past the problems in life.

Vince Luca is getting ready for a date with Angela O'Bannon. The date went well until they found out that there was a body in the trunk of his car then Angela dumps Vince. Then after a football game, where Vince seemed to play good, but his opponent was too scared to tackle him because he is the son of the mob, he met Kendra Bightly. He fell in love with Kendra when making out at a party, but did not tell her what his father’s biasness is. After he leaves the party Vince finds out that the job of Kendra's father is to put his father in prison and that there is an inside man in his father's group. The inside man is a guy named Ray and after being confronted he flees to Disney world. Vince and Kendra lose the homecoming election, and Vince and Kendra making up and decide to be together even though their differents.

The conflicts are man vs. man and man vs. himself. Vince, who does not like or wants anything to do with his dad job has learns that his connections can come in very handy and he has to decide between luxury and honor. The man vs. man conflict is between Vince and his father because of Jimmy and Ed having to owe his father a lot of money. Vince says killing the two would not be right and decides to defend them. Soon the situation gets worse, and Vince’s dad gets angrier. Also Vince blames his dad for all of the problems in his life.

The characters in son of the mob are Vincent Luca, Kendra Bightly, Ray Francione, Tommy Luca, Jimmy, Ed, Anthony Luca, Alex, and Kendra's father.